Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

I had these grand ideas that the first day of school was going to be a breeze. I envisioned my kids taking these perfect pictures and going home and relaxing with Dusty and ONE KID.

The boys did great. Well, expect for the picture process. Caroline on the other hand did HORRIBLE. Before we left the house she was upset because she did not get a name badge, a backpack, a lunch box and NEW SHOES!!!! I tried everything. I made her a name badge and even packed her a lunch. Nothing Worked!!! She also SCREAMED when Jake went to his class. She screamed his name the whole way out of the school, to the truck, and till we got home. I think she cried most of the day. In fact, today is day 3 of school and she is still crying. Man, is it going to be a very LONG week.

The night before school Jake kept giving me hugs and kisses and telling me how much he was going to miss me. On the first day he was a CHAMP! I can't believe he is in Kindergarten.
Cameron was super nervous to start 2nd grade and you can tell by this picture that he was not thrilled to go into his class or to have his picture taken.
The boys have adjusted very well, but I still have some work to do with CC. As for me, I'm back in school too. This is going to be a very very ruff semester. I'm taking 5 Psychology classes and a French class. I hope I survive this semester!!!!!


The day after CC turned 2, she experienced her FIRST emergency room visit!!!! It was a very wild day. Before I post what happened I have to tell you that Miss CC uses EVERYTHING she can find to climb up on things. She uses pots & pans, Rubbermaid containers, boxes, toys...... I'm sure you get the picture. On this particular morning we were fixing to sit down for a late breakfast when we heard a LOUD bang and CC screaming. We ran into the kitchen to find our portable kitchen island on top of her and when we removed the island we realized she had a puncture wound to her left thigh. We rushed her to the ER, where she had x-rays of her legs and pelvis. We were so relieved when the doctor said she was okay. In fact, the puncture wound was not big enough for stitches. She would have a scar and lots of bruising, but she was Fine!!!!!!!! We are so very thankful that she was not badly hurt. The situation could have been a lot worse. We were not able to figure out what punctured her leg and we are happy to report that CC is back to her normal wild crazy self. Oh, and the kitchen island was placed on the curb for trash pick up.

These pictures of her leg look so good. When the accident first happened the puncture wound area was black and blue. After being at the ER for a couple of hours the blackness went away. I think that was what freaked Dusty and I out the most.

CC after the long day at the ER....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's 2

Sweet Caroline turned 2 a couple of weeks and WOW have the wild crazy 2s hit with full force!!!!! We had a small birthday party for her and it was perfect. Her best buddy Wally came over to eat pizza and cake with her. This year we planned for a cupcake party, but on the day of her party we decided to pick up an ice cream cake. I was super excited,because I had never had one. The cake was okay, but I think I will stick to the super yummy cupcakes that I love.

One of the birthday invites:

Caroline missed her nap the day of her birthday because we went to Chick-fil-a. This picture shows how her evening was before Wally showed up....

Wally and Caroline hanging out on the trampoline...

The cake...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Here are the pictures from our "Back to School" Scavenger Hunt. All 3 kids had a blast.
The first clue lead us to Kroger's where we had to get chocolate milk. Yum Yum! As you can see CC was upset because she wanted to hold the clue.

Our next clue lead us to Jake's favorite spot where we got a dozen donut holes and a couple chocolate glaze donuts. Again, Yum Yum!

Clue #3 lead us to wonderful Chick-fil-a. This is a family hot spot! We used to eat there at least twice week when I was pregnant with Caroline. When CC was born we called her our chick-fil-a baby because she weighed 9 lbs. She was ALL chicken (and Captain Crunch cereal).

We made an emergency stop at McDonald's for a $1.00 Coke and at Taco Cabana for Dusty's favorite Breakfast Tacos. We like to see this special at Taco Cabana:

Clue #4 lead us to Mary Jo Peckham park. The kids had so much fun having a picnic, chasing the ducks, and playing on the playground.

Man, was it HOT!
I hope everyone has a GREAT school year!

Getting Ready

Today is the LAST week day before SCHOOL starts for Cameron and Jake. So, today Dusty and I prepared a "BACK TO SCHOOL SCAVENGER HUNT".
Here are the clues for our morning adventure.....


Clue #1:
Cameron, Jake, CC, Anybody… HELP me. I don’t know where I am but its cold in here. I see people through the glass and some guy named Glen (works at Krogers). If you don’t know me, I’m brown and come from cows. Some kids like to drink me all up for breakfast. Please Hurry!

Clue #2:
I need someone to come and pick me up. I can’t remember what my name is, but I am round and I have a hole in the middle of me. I am also really sweet and sometimes I have sprinkles on top of me.

Clue #3:
Thanks for rescuing me, but now we have to go and pick up my friends. My friends got kidnapped by a bunch of cows!!!! People say that they are scaredy cats, but really they are just a bunch of chickens. We have to help them before they get fried or get a knuckle “sandwich”. Hmmm…. Cows, chicken, knuckle sandwich?
While we are there we can grab the twins, hash and brown.

Clue #4:
Alright! Way to go. We got the whole gang together. Now we can go to our favorite hang out. I don’t know what it’s called but I always see kids playing, climbing, and I see picnic tables. And it’s near grandma’s work. Come on let’s go!!!

Watch for our next post to see some pictures!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


All of Us

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Caroline turns 2 today!!! She is such a blessing to us and I can't imagine our life without her. I used to think our family was complete with our 2 boys and then we had Caroline. She completed our family and has brought us endless joy. She is our sweet and sour. Our icing on the cake. The glue that holds us tight. The perfect slow dancer (you would have to see her when slow music comes on to appreciate this statement) and the giver of endless hugs and kisses. Here are some pictures of her and her favorite monkey (who is quickly being replaced by baby dolls).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jake and Ben

Jake's newest obsession is Ben 10. About 20 times a day Jake will ask me to put this watch on him. I usually don't mind the first 5 times, but after that I kind of get cranky. I wish the makers of this watch would have been a little bit more creative and lets say MADE IT like a REAL watch that would stay on a child. Then maybe I would be a bigger fan of Ben 10 and buy more of their products!

Isn't this the coolest kid around? Look at him sporting Superman, Ben 10, and Sponge Bob. Amazing!

Suggestions Anyone...

Some call it a powder room. Some call it a half bathroom. Whatever you call it I could use some help deciding what to do in here. You see when we bought this house the half bathroom/powder room had carpet in it! What builder places CARPET in a bathroom? Really? What were they thinking and what was I thinking for not QUESTIONING it!
Well, needless to say my BOYS have did a number in it. You know, boys will be boys and there aiming is way off.
So, today while Dusty was out studying for his EO test I did it. I tore up the carpet and the "stink" that was with it. Now I am left with this.........oh, and please ignore the glue and tack strip or whatever that is called. That is for Dusty when he gets home. Oh, will he be surprised :)

And now I need help deciding what I should do. I'm on a budget, so I am trying to be creative. So, if you have ANY ideas what would make this a nice bathroom please respond. Oh, and should I mention that we plan on making this house a rent house in about 2 years. So, whatever I do now should be suitable for a rent house.