Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Ending

I am pleased to report that all kids are happy now!!!!
We made it here-

Stopped here-

Visited Daddy at work-

We are now home. Caroline is napping & and the boys are snuggled on the couch watching a movie (in their PJ's).

Thank goodness for Chick-fil-A & for Daddy at the fire station.


Oh, how I wish this place had a drive thru...

All I need is some printer ink, so I can print out some school work. However, ALL 3 of my kids are having issues today!

Cameron is home sick today with a fever.

Caroline is getting over a tummy issue & is soooooo clingy!!

Jake, oh Jake!! Jake is driving me crazy with his high pitched cry! Jake is having issues with EVERYTHING. His "issue" with everything started Saturday. He starts complaining about his underwear, then his pants, then his socks, and then his shoes. Nothing fits right. Every morning & night he tries on about 20 pairs of underwear and only 1 fits just right. Today, it is the same story. Oh, did I mention the other "issues"

-his car seat feels funny on his back

-his nails hurt

-his legs hurt

-his eyes hurt

-Caroline slapped him

-Cameron was mean to him

-out of 10 pair of pants, none fit him!

-size 5 pants don't fit him... only size 4! (Today, I wish he didn't know his numbers)

-the only socks he will wear are the batman socks!

-his favorite pair of PJ's are not clean (he will only wear 1 pair of PJ's, even though he has 10 different kinds!)

All of these "issues" come with a crying session that last for about 20 minutes!!!!

So, I guess I have done enough venting. I guess this goes to show that not everything is HAPPY in the Youngblood life today!

We are now off to Office Depot in search for printer ink. Oh, how I wish my instructor's would understand kid issues! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quiet Time

We are off for 2 days of quiet time with the boys. Sweet Caroline is at grandma's house (with pacifier in tow) and we are headed to the bay house. Yes, it will be freezing cold outside. Yes, it was supposed to be our anniversary get away & yes, we are crazy for trading our "alone" time for kid time. But, we are excited to roast marshmallows by the fire, cuddle under the covers and watch movies, eat at no name restaurants, fish in the cold weather, and walk the beach with our boys. We figure they will only be 5 & 6 for so long.
The Youngblood Family


I finally have a video clip of my darling CC. So, here is her big moment to shine while eating oatmeal with a spoon. Oh, and out of the highchair, which is a first!!!
(actually, this was taken a few weeks ago and I was just testing my mom's camera out to see if I could take & download video.)

Okay, so it is nothing super funny... but I am so excited to post my first video clip.

Long Days

The last couple of days have been long. On Monday, Caroline had such a bad rash from her pacifier I decided it was time to ditch the thing. After two days of non stop crying, chasing me around the house and not sleeping I have given in & she has it back. I would like to report that everything is back to normal, but it's not. She is still following me around and freaks out when I leave the room. The crying has toned down a bit, but she is still a bit clingy. Dusty has been sick for about a week now, and I do believe my sweet Jake has caught the bug now too. So, as I type this (Caroline in my lap) I am starting to realize that maybe Caroline might be catching the sickness bug, plus the pink eye!!! Grrr!!!!!!!! Whatever bug it may be, I hope it leaves soon. I miss my sweet healthy happy family. I guess I am off to the store to buy some Tylenol and disinfectant.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big Girl

It's Official! Caroline has a big girl Ponytail. I am thrilled, because now I have a different hair do for her other than pigtails. I would love to leave her hair down, but it becomes out of control in less than 5 minutes! Maybe when it thickens up that plan will work.

On another note, I forgot to post her 15 month weigh in at the doctor's office. When we went to the doctor she weighed 19 pounds!!!! She has moved up from the 2 percentile to the 5 percentile!!! We are super excited. She is about to turn 17 months and I really think she has added on a few more pounds. She is such a sweetie and I just love all the joy and sunshine she brings into our lives!

9 years & Counting

Happy Anniversary Dusty! I love you so much! You are amazing and I can't wait to dance with you in the kitchen for the rest of our lives!! I am proud to be your wife!!

Designer Blogs by Erin

I have to admit I am a blog stalker. I start at a friends blog, then click on one of their friends links, and then before you know it I have clicked and clicked and have ended up reading a ton of blogs. However, there are three blogs that I have been deeply touched by during my reading sessions.

How I stumbled on them I don't know, but I know that I am better person because of them. The first blog I came across was a blog set up as a memorial to Baby McKallister. I was so moved and touched by this blog. It is because of this blog, I am a better mother, wife and friend. I never knew this family but I think of them often and pray for them. I keep track of their own blog and I think they are an amazing family. So, that leaves me to my third blog and to my title of this blog. When I started reading about McKallister, I realized this blog was set up by Erin, sister to McKallister's Dad. Just from reading McKallister's blog you can tell she is an amazing person with such a sweet spirit. Her name is Erin and she does designer blogs. This month she is giving away 3 free blog makeovers. Her site is amazing and of course her blog looks GREAT! I would love to have a blog makeover to show off my family. So, everyone cross your fingers for me and my blog! Oh, and I am sorry about my blog stalking!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

I know this post is a little late, but we have been busy cleaning our house since Santa came. So, here are some photos & tidbits of our Christmas Eve....
Dusty had to work the day before Christmas Eve & ended up getting held over the next morning so he missed out on the traditional Christmas Eve breakfast. The breakfast includes: biscuits, pancakes (this year I mixed chocolate chips in with the batter), egg scramble (lots of cheese) and of course those cute Christmas plates that Dusty and I received as a wedding gift.

And of course the traditional pictures of the kids

Christmas Eve at my mom's house

This year my mom had the kids play a game of Trouble (actually just the board game-no pieces involved). The goal of the game was to get the number 6 to win the prize. Jake won the first round and got the perfect gift. Well, in Jake's world the perfect gift... a Chocolate Milk Mixer!!! Caroline had a huge fit and wanted the entire game to herself. She actually won the second round. She won a teddy bear, but was more concerned with keeping the game to herself.

Before going to bed the boys got to open their gifts that they bought for each other. Don't you just love Jake's gift?? Can you tell from the picture what it is?? And of course, the boys left cookies, oranges, an apple & a glass of milk for Santa.

Things to remember about the kiddos from Christmas 2008

*Jake loves chocolate chip pancakes* *Cameron does not like chocolate chip pancakes*
*Caroline does not like the Christmas tree* *Caroline does not like the lights on the Christmas tree* *Caroline likes the outside Christmas lights* *Jake loves hot cocoa with marshmallows & whip cream* *Cameron does not like marshmallows with his hot cocoa. Just whip cream*