Friday, July 27, 2012

target and a birthday wish

Today, we hit Target and Caroline got to make her birthday wish list!  Ever wonder what a soon to be 5 year old would want for her birthday?? Well, besides requesting a real horse and a pig!!!  Here they are and in no particular order....
P.S. Yes, I do wash this shirt everyday!!!  It's her favorite shirt ever since we got back from South Padre. She has a thing for sharks and JAWS right now!!!

park fun

Today, we joined our friends, the Schmidt Family, at Peckham park for a little putt putt golf. The kids had a blast playing and running wild. We followed up our park play with some cold air from McDonald's. The afternoon was a hit and my kids were super exhausted afterwards...and that's always a good thing! 
I just love this girl!!! Don't you want one of those cool bracelets that she has on?  She made it all by herself on the drive over to the park....such a diva!
This squirrel was not shy at all.  He would come really close to you and want to be fed.  He enjoyed snacking on pretzels and granola bar. I'm pretty sure Casey spoiled him with the granola bar.-HA! HA!

chalk, paint, and a wall

Just in case you were wondering, we now have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen.  I love it. The kids love it. Dusty, well, I hope he loves it.  It serves as a creative wall for the kids to draw, plan meals, chore chart, and random quotes.
I think it ROCKS and highly recommend one in your house!
Just a few random pictures from the iphone...not the best and a tad blurry.

ihop @ midnight

Yep, we hit IHOP at midnight last week. I woke up one morning and told Dusty we should go to IHOP at midnight for some pancakes! Of course, he looked at me like I was crazy, but agreed to go along with my random quirkiness. And that is just what we did. I called up my 2 super cool nieces, Abbi & Marissa, picked them up and off we went to the big IHOP.
You gotta love the iphone...takes the best random photos when you are at IHOP at midnight.

South Padre

Just a million pictures of our quick last minute trip to South Padre last week. The trip was not really planned and we were not impressed by South Padre. But, we had a blast and the kids lived in the pool and that is all that really matters! We stopped at Bucee's gas station in Wharton on our way and Cee Cee wasn't too impressed with Mr. Bucee...but she loved the store and all the treats they offered.
Here are the boys stuffing their faces with the rolls from Texas Roadhouse.
And the ladies....
We ventured to the beach one morning for a little sun. The kids loved the water and got a kick out of actually seeing their feet in the water. I recommend the beach, but not to sure about the hotels along the beach.  We saw some pretty shady characters along the hotel beaches.
And the rest of the pictures are in totally random order...from time spent at the beach, swimming at the hotel, and the famous JAWS shop in South Padre that the kids loved (hint the giant JAWS face walking into the shop).