Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
Just a few random photos from our Easter Day.


Baseball Season

Baseball season has started and Cameron and Jake are both playing.  Oh, and 7 on 7 football has also started and both boys are playing.  This equals NO DOWN TIME!  Every evening and weekend has something scheduled. It is mad crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I'm now working full time, so my weekends are cleared for sports and our family lunches after the games (which are pretty sweet!)
Here are few random pictures of Cameron. He is playing on the 5th grade Texas Rangers, for KALL. His main position is catcher, which he rocks at.  I think this kids calling is baseball and as a catcher.  He also plays 1st base and has been preparing to play pitcher.

 When Jake isn't playing ball at the same time, him and Caroline are usually eating nachos and enjoying the unlimited snow cones....
More on baseball, football, and Jake's team later....


Where has time gone?? 
My goal now is to get our blog caught up!
Basketball season has come and gone and I haven't written anything about it!
Jake, played for the 3rd grade Aggies, as point guard.  Cameron was on a waiting list, but a team was never formed.  He was a champ and cheered/coached his brother from the side lines.
I have to brag on Jake though. This kid has MAD skill for the game of basketball.  He rocked every game and practice.  His future is in basketball and I know he will go far.

Jake, with his 2 coaches, the Antoines (husband and wife) at the end of the season party.  Jake was named by his coaches as, "Jake, the Shaker."

JJ, the baller

Jake recently represented his elementary school in a  free throw hoop shoot contest.  He made the most free throws out of all the 8-9 year boys in his school.  He made 13 out of 15. He advanced to the district level and competed against other students from his school district.  If he had won at this division he would have competed in Dallas and then would have had the chance to go to Springfield, Massachusetts and have his name in the Basketball Hall of Fame. 
Jake came in 4th place in the district competition.  He did so incredibly awesome and we are so proud of him.  I can't believe how much skill and passion he has for the game of basketball. 
Here is the video of him at the district competition where he came in 4th place.  He plans on being number 1 next year!

Round 1 of the contest:  5 warm up shots and then 10 shots.  Jake made 8 out of 10.
Round 2 of the contest:  No warm up and goal was to make 15 shots. Jake made 9 out of 15.  His nerves started to get the best of him.
We are so very proud of him!!! 
You rock JJ!

Christmas 2012

I'm way behind on our family blog. I can't believe it is March already! Yikes...where did time go?
So, this blog post is just a catch up to document Christmas.

We did decorate stockings. It's our Christmas tradition to have our kids decorate their stockings with paint and glitter. We usually buy regular size stockings, but this year, the dollar store only had the HUGE stockings left.  The kids thought the HUGE stockings were pretty awesome.

 Jake created a football stocking, Cameron a Black Jack, and Caroline a candy land stocking.

A few random shots of our Christmas morning.  Caroline was super psyched that Santa brought her another American Girl Doll, Kit Kittredge. 

This was us on Christmas Eve 2012 at my Mom's House: