Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Boys

This post is in regard to a previous post which shows the boys in front of the Christmas tree. Here is the 2008 picture of the boys... for the family that was wanting an updated version.

As for Caroline in the picture... this is as good as we could get. Caroline does not like the Christmas tree. Will not even go near it?!?!?! Funny, because at Halloween time she loved every scary decoration possible! So,here she is! Trying to get out of Cameron's arms....

We had to move to the front of the house to even try to get a picture of the 3. Then Caroline was so into the candy cane that she would not even look at the camera.

I really think it is impossible to get a good picture of 3 kids below the age of 6!!!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flashback to Christmas 2006

I am Dreaming of This....

Where I want to be right now........... in Utah, playing in the snow, sledding down a hill and visiting Temple Square. Here are some of my favorite pictures from December 2006 in Utah while visiting MiMi. Now that CC has joined our family I can't wait to take her to play in the snow. Oh, how I wish my hubby would give in and let us go in February!?!!? (maybe next year MiMi)

MiMi & the boys

Family of 4 back in 2006 at temple square

Good Times!

Happy Holidays!

Tooth, or is it Teeth?

My Cameron has lost his 3RD tooth and I finally got a picture of it!

P.S. The tooth fairy is off on Sunday's & Monday's. Oh, and the nights that Dad works!


Last night as a family we decorated our stockings. This is a Youngblood Family tradition. Since Dusty and I married, we have spent every Christmas buying a plain stocking and then decorating it with glitter/paint pens. Then the boys came along and we have continued our Christmas tradition and the boys look forward to it every year. We start off having hot cocoa, decorate the stockings and then finish by eating some yummy cookies. It is nice to look back at our past stockings and see how we have decorated them, especially the boys stockings. I can see how they have matured in their drawings and handwriting skills. I hope this is a tradition they can pass on to their own family one day.

We usually sit outside and drink hot cocoa, but since it was so cold we opted to sit in the garage. Such fun memories!

With no fire place mantle, we were creative and hung our stockings with ribbon.

The boys favorite, chocolate chip cookies

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Boys

As I was unpacking our Christmas decorations, I came across these pictures of the boys. They are the best of friends!! I can't believe how big they have gotten!!!

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008
Guess, I better take that picture!!
Happy Holidays!!

Our Christmas Tree

Last week it snowed here and the kids were thrilled!!! It was the perfect day for us. Cold, a little rainy, a little snow, decorating the Christmas tree and drinking hot cocoa. We could not ask for more!!! I just love cold weather.

Our Christmas tree, The Fraser Fir:

Two of the popular ornaments on the tree this year are:

The ever unpopular Christmas tree topper from Pottery Barn:

I love it. Dusty on the other hand wants to have something special up there. Something with meaning. He has been saying this for 8 years now. I guess he is still searching. Any suggestions?

Here are the pictures to document the snow...or should I call them snow flurries?

Jake trying to catch some snow??

And a picture of my Jake and Caroline enjoying the cold weather:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Chrissy to do this fun photo tag.
1) Go to your pictures.
2) Upload the 4th picture from the 4th folder.
3) Explain.

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day this year of Caroline and my Dad. This picture means so much to me, because Caroline never wants to hang out with my dad. However, on Thanksgiving day Caroline went right up to my dad, gave him a hug and pointed to the cows in the pasture. I was able to snag this picture of them walking towards the pasture. It just melts my heart every time I look at it.

4) Tag your friends: Sada, Mandy, & Lynette