Sunday, May 5, 2013

Losing of the teeth

Our little firecracker, lost her 1st tooth. I kept hoping she would lose it at home or while we were in Florida, but nope, that little turkey lost it on one of the days she goes to Pre-School. When I picked her up from school in the afternoon, she was beaming with excitement!!! I guess it is a good thing she lost it at school, because I think it made her like school just a little bit more (she really dislikes Pre-School & is not entertaining the idea of starting Kinder very well).

About 2 weeks later, Caroline lost her 2nd bottom tooth. We were at the baseball field and we had just purchased a ring pop.  We were walking to the field, when she cries, "My tooth came out!"  Of course, it had to have fallen out on the gravel path where it had rained the night before. Dusty, Caroline, and I searched for about 10 minutes, and couldn't find it. I finally told her we would have to write a note to the fairy tooth princess and tell her she lost it. However, as we were about to walk away, Dusty found it amongst all of the gravel pebbles and rain mud puddles. He was her Hero!