Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Father's Day

My sweet amazing hubby!
We love you so much.
We are so grateful for everything you do for us.
I'm thankful for your amazing dinners you cook for us every night and for my nightly foot rubs.
I am truly spoiled!
The kids love how you teach them how to cook, play football with them, and take them on crazy adventurous bike rides.
You Rock Dusty!
Happy Father's Day!
You are simply the B-E-S-T!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cameron welcomed double digits on the 15th! I can't believe he is 10! We celebrated by having a few of his closest friends over and having pizza and cake. Cameron's big gift (and only gift-ha!) from us was an IPAD. We got lucky and scored a new edition and couldn't pass it up. He has spent hours on it, mostly photo booth,taking hilarious pictures of his friends, family, and pug dog. I thought I would post a few of him for a good laugh....

Happy Birthday Cameron! We love you so much!