Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caroline & Orbison

my sweet sweet little cc is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. she loves to dance to music and play the guitar (even though the guitar and her are the same size). she is such a little character! for these pics, she was playing along to roy orbison.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today, I celebrated my 29th birthday! It was a great day with a lot of SwEeTs... from cupcakes, to my wonderful hubby, and 3 sweet kiddos.

My SwEEt mother-in-law from Utah had these wonderful cupcakes made for me from a place in Katy called Ooh La La. These cupcakes not only looked fabulous, but they also tasted so so YumMy! Thanks MiMi! These cupcakes HIT the spot.

My favorite cupcakes were these: the PiNa ColAdA's

Also for my birthday, my mom bought me these new pair of glasses, which I needed very badly. According to the eye doc, I can NO longer wear contacts and I'm not a candidate for lasik. His advice was to find some classy glasses and enjoy them. He also stated my eyes were that of a 60 year old. I have been put on restasis and fish oil. So, I guess that makes my body that of a 29 year old and my eyes that of a 60 year old. LOL

Dusty and the kids got me the new book by Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song, and the perfume Romance by Ralph Lauren. I also have another present coming by mail, but it has not made it to our front door yet.

So, here is to another year of smelling good, new eye sight, reading some good books, and to my last year of being in my twenties!
Oh yeah.... I bought myself a snuggie and I lOvE It!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today, Jake officially turned 6 and he is the HAPPIEST boy in the entire WORLD. He is such a sweetie and has a heart of gold!! I just love him so much! On Wednesday we picked him and Cameron up from school and surprised them with tickets to the Braves vs. Astros baseball game. Jake was so EXCITED!!!!! The best part of the evening was when JAKE caught a baseball and when Cameron got the baseball signed by Buddy Carlyle, who plays for the Braves. Here are A TON of highlights from our BIG night:

On Thursday, we had a small after school party for Jake. Dusty got me an early birthday gift, which was one of those giant cupcake pans, so I used it to make Jake and his friends CUPCAKES. Jake thought the GIANT cupcake was AWESOME and so did I. Here is to Jake and his love for BEN 10...

HapPy BiRtHdAY JaKe!!


The other day Chick-Fil-A was giving away free chicken sandwiches if you wore any kind of sports apparel. So, of course we headed down there and got our 5 FREE sandwiches. Man, were they yummy!

This little stinker would not take a picture for nothing!!! I even tried giving her my coke. Instead, she took off screaming, "MY COKE!"