Sunday, July 7, 2013


07-04-2013--Dusty worked.
07-06-2013-We loaded up and headed to the family bay house to spend our 4th of July together as a Family.


Lacrosse Camp

Both boys started Lacrosse Camp this summer.
They are loving it. 
Lacrosse camp is making them work some muscles they never knew they had-ha! 
Cameron told me that he has never did so many butt kicks in his life!!!
This picture was taken after we got home from Academy...Cameron used his birthday money and bought Jake a stick to use for camp. How awesome and sweet is that??

Jake and his eyes

After failing 2 vision test at school, we finally made it around to taking Jake to the eye doctor (actually, we finally took him in after we realized he couldn't see the score board at the baseball field--I know, parents of the year award!). Well, Jake ended up needing glasses. It turns out, his eyes are pretty much like mine---BAD! The eye doctor said he should be fine with not wearing the glasses while he is playing sports this year, but next year, he will probably need to get sports goggles or contacts. Let's just hope that we can get him to eat his carrots and his eyes will improve!
These are his glasses....Red is a good color, huh???
Just kidding!  Here he is with his Nike glasses on....
Good thing we purchased the insurance policy on the glasses....2 weeks after wearing them he fell asleep with them on.  The dog ended up getting a hold of them and chewing them to pieces!!!!
On a positive note--they were fully replaced! Thank goodness!!!!!!!! 

Game Balls X 3

While playing for the 9 year old Tigers Team, Jake received 3 game balls for the season.
1st Game Ball was for an outstanding catch in left field.
2nd Game Ball was for a hit to deep center field.
3rd Game Ball was for getting a player out on a steal to 3rd base.

2013 Blue Gray Team

Jake made the 2013 Blue Gray Team!
Sadly, the only picture I took of him in his All-Star uniform was this one....not even him!
However, he is in there. I promise!
We were so proud of him for his hard work and dedication! 
He was the 1st batter up and his jersey number was 4.
9 year old Team
Amador, David
Bethancourt, Alex
Caplan, Martin
Cote, Blake
Flores, Luccas
Gutierrez, Victor
Halbison, Jake
Lopardo, Cole
Reeves, Jason
Sanchez, Logan
Tolle, Dillon
Youngblood, Jake
Manager: Larry Flores

11 years

Cameron turned 11 back in June.
We celebrated with a few of his friends from the neighborhood and his nieces.
He only had a few small request for his birthday---a whipped icing cake from Kroger's, to have friends over, and LACROSSE gear.
He has been requesting to play lacrosse for over a year, LACROSSE here we come!

 He nieces, Emlyn & Sydney made him a 9 foot Big Foot drawing and a Big Foot journal--it rocked--those girls are so clever!

Happy 11th Birthday Cameron!