Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Cameron and I started back to school today. Yep, you read that right. I am back in school trying to finish up my Education degree that I started so long ago. I am taking a full time load and I was feeling pretty confident until this afternoon when I checked my online classes. You should see how much work there is to do! I guess you could say I am freaking out (just a little) but I am excited! So, as Cameron enters the 1st grade, I enter my Junior year at the University of Houston.
Here are some morning shots of the kids before Cameron headed off to his new school.

Mom & Cameron on their first day of school.
Please excuse my goofy glasses. I have chronic dry eye, so the doc has placed me on glasses only! Boo!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Walking & Shoes

We have been so busy lately with party planning and getting ready for back to school that I forgot to post that Miss Caroline has learned to walk. Since my video camera is broke, here are some pictures that (kind of) show she can walk. However, she still prefers to crawl because she can go super fast and get away from her brothers.

Here is CC examining her new walking shoes:

Just had to show this picture because her legs are so chunky! (even though she is unhappy)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

MiMi's Day to Celebrate

HaPPy BiRthDAY MiMi !!!

We miss you & wish we could be with

you on your special Day!!!

We Love you!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

MiMi's gift to Caroline

After Caroline's birthday was over, Caroline received a package at the front door from MiMi. It was the cutest monkey that makes monkey sounds. Thanks MiMi for creating this adorable monkey from Build-A-Bear. She loves it! Can you tell??? I just love the monkey's BYU shirt and matching jean skirt. P.S. Make sure you check out the whole month of August for her birthday pictures. I added 3 new post.

A monkey and her bananas

When I was posting Caroline's birthday pictures, I realized I forgot to add these. So, here she is.
Caroline the little monkey...

1st Haircut

I know what you are probably thinking... Caroline needs a haircut??? That girl has so much hair!!! Well, it is a Youngblood family tradition for us that our kids get their haircut on their 1st birthday and have no snips before that big day. Our past experience with the boys was less than pleasant. So, we figured CC would be the same or worse. Caroline has already established her strong personality and when she wants something or not she makes it loud and clear. However, to our surprise she did wonderful. We went to Cool Cuts for Kids and she was able watch Barney and sit in a fire truck chair. The only time she cried is when we had to remove her from the fire truck chair so we could leave.
Before the haircut....

The actual you can tell not much was cut off. Just a trim.

And this is CC after her haircut. However, these are not the best pictures of her and her haircut. She was a wild child after her haircut and was ready to explore.

Caroline turns 1

On Thursday, Caroline turned 1. I can't believe my little monkey is a year old already. It seems like this year has just flown by. A couple of months ago I couldn't wait for her to turn 1 and have a party for her, but now that the day has come and gone I wish I could just freeze time in place and keep her 1 forever. To celebrate her 1st birthday, we had a monkey theme birthday. Her party was at 9am and we had monkey pancakes, quiches, fresh fruit and punch.
To celebrate her birthday in style I had this awesome onesie for CC made for her to wear on her birthday. A lady named Evie made it. She does all sorts of things such as towels, place mats,aprons,backpacks, burp cloths, etc. you name it.

I think it came out super cute! I just forgot to get that perfect picture of her in the onesie before the party started!

Now, for all of the birthday pictures:

Here are the monkey cupcakes that I made for CC and her cousins. We also had Chunky Monkey ice cream. Delicious!

Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Who says you can't enjoy your First cupcake a week before your First birthday??? Yum! I guess it is not a full cupcake when mommy does not put any icing on the cupcake. Enjoy!

*if you look closer at the First picture, you can tell this was not her First cupcake*