Monday, September 2, 2013

6th, 4th, and Kinder

Last week was the FIRST day of school for the Youngblood Kids.
No group picture for the morning, since Cameron had to be up and gone before the other 2 got up.

Here is Cameron before he headed off to his first day of Junior High

And Jake and Caroline before heading off to 4th & Kinder together

New Beginnings

Orientation Night at the Junior High for Cameron. He picked up his schedule, located all of his classes, and learned how to use his locker. This year brings big changes for the Youngblood Family. Cameron enters Junior High, Caroline starts Kinder, and that means NO KIDS at home for Dusty on his off days. I sure miss being home during the week, but I wouldn't give up my weekends with the family.  
Caroline taking a quick picture with the Junior High Mascot, the Jaguar.
Cameron and his friend, Dylan


Just a few pictures from Caroline's 6th birthday. 
We kept it low key with just us-her biggest fans.
We went to the Macaroni House-a restaurant that specializes in all different types of "Mac n Cheese"-Caroline's FAVE!
We went to the movies and then celebrated with cake and presents.
Caroline finally got the American Girl, Sage, to add to her collection.
It looks like being 6 is going to be GREAT!