Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday

Our sweet Caroline turns 6 tomorrow.
Happy Birthday love!
A few things about Caroline as she welcomes the sweet age of 6:
Fave Color: Pink
Fave Food: Mac & Cheese
Fave Store: American Girl
Fave American Girl: McKenna and Sage
Fave Animals: Dogs and Horses
Fave Song: Everything has Changed by Taylor Swift
Hobbies: Loves to practice gymnastics moves, play dress up, play with her American Girls, and barbies.

Astros vs Rangers Game

A sweet coworker of mine gave us 4 tickets to the Astros vs the Texas Rangers game. The seats were amazing. 5 rows behind 3rd base!!! The boys were in baseball heaven and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with just the boys. 

Lacrosse Camp 2013

The boys did Lacrosse Camp this summer and absolutely LOVED it. It looks like we have added another sport to our year round sport schedule.