Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random pics of our busy days

This is us before heading into Da Vinci's for Kirsten's surprise birthday dinner. I love going on dates with my hubby...doesn't happen enough. I love him so much!
Father's Day! We couldn't ask for a better dad. He is amazing, our rock, and our base. We love you so much Dusty and are so happy that Families are Forever! Now, don't you love our camp out cake?
Getting our eat on at Freddy's Steakhouse.  This is our new fave burger joint!  The fries are so yummy!!!

Canteen Boy packed and ready to go to Scout Camp.....

Jake was so happy when Cameron came home from camp, and he was able to steal his camp stuff.
The crazy kids on the 4th of July....

I was so happy when I found these:
Dustin + April = FOREVER!
Cameron got his temple recommend

Marissa and Cameron on their way to the Houston Temple.  This was Cameron's 1st temple trip.
MiMi came for a visit and got her make up done by the wonderful Abbi

We had fun one night and decided to take our friends bulldog hostage.  Go DAWGS!!!!
We safely returned him the next night and brought them a Georgia Peace offering....
RC cola, Moon Pie, peaches, and boiled peanuts.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

12 years

Cameron turned the BIG 12 in June!!!!
Holy cow....12!!!!
He is so awesome and has the sweetest spirit. He loves his family and is a great brother to Jake and Caroline.
For his birthday, he requested that he make his own birthday of course. He did a great job!
I am so proud of him. He is a wonderful son and is a great example to me.

All Star 2014

Both boys made the Katy All Star team this year! Cameron was selected to be on the All Star team and Jake made the Blue-Gray Tournament team (another All Star Team). Despite both Katy teams being creamed by First Colony and Richmond, the boys played hard. I can't believe I never snapped any pictures of Jake in his All Star uniform. I am such a slacker!!! Despite my slacking, I couldn't be anymore prouder of my boys. They rocked this season of baseball!

This is the only picture I got from Jake's team. :(

2 videos from the beginning of Cameron's All Star game.

Last Day of School 06/2014

Another school year has ended.
Cameron survived middle school and Jake advanced to another year of grade school.
Jake was awarded the Physical Education Award, Super Cheetah, Art, and Outstanding performance in the Elk's National Hoop Shoot Contest.
Caroline survived Kindergarten and received lots of awards. She was awarded the Super Cheetah, the MVP award because of her willingness to help others, especially her friends with special needs, and also the Principal's 200 Character Traits award. This is what her teacher had to say of why she should be on the 200 list....  "Caroline always steps up to help and never expects recognition for it. She works hard on all her assignments and is a good friend to all her classmates.  Her eagerness to learn is contagious!"
I am so proud of my trio and their accomplishments.  They have grown so much this year, especially Cameron. He has really matured and become a great example to his brother and sister.

Caroline's lunch pick. Wendy's.  We let her leave after her award ceremony and she was on cloud 9.

My kids live in their work-out clothes.....they never want to wear normal clothes.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boston Red Sox

This year we scored and the boys landed on the same baseball team! The Boston Red Sox. It was awesome. They made some great friends and had some really good coaches. Here are a few pictures from the baseball season.  Both boys got there fair share of game balls this season.
Cameron played pitcher, 3rd base, and 1st.  Pitching was mainly his calling this season.
Jake played short stop and 2nd base.
Caroline spent most of her time trying everything on the menu at the concession stand and my favorite part of the baseball season was eating sunflower seeds and the post game meal with the family.

A few clips from the boys at tryouts. This was in January and they hadn't picked up a bat in a year...not to shabby!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Always BUSY! Life in pictures!

Man, have we been busy! Most everything gets posted on Instagram and Facebook these days. However, I really want to keep up with our family blog because it is my journal of us.
So, here are some random pictures that pretty much sum up our crazy life lately...

Caroline FINALLY got her haircut. The last time she had it fully cut was when she was a year old!!! I know, craziness!!! Luckily, I have the best niece, Abbi, who is taking cosmetology while in high school. I love these 3!

I took the kids and Abbi and Marissa to Lupe's one night.  Did I mention that Lupe Tortillas brings out the crazy in my family?

The boys had baseball tryouts.  Man, did they do awesome! Especially, for not picking up a bat and ball in a year!


Caroline thought she wanted to play ball this season, but chickened out at the last minute.  However, come this fall, she will play softball!!  Because, this girl has some CRAZY MAD SKILLS!!! 

Jake finally got his glasses fixed...maybe he can finally SEE again!

Our favorite missionary finished his mission and went back home. He will be missed.  Cameron really liked Elder Leavitt and was bummed to see him leave.

And yes, this is from our Super Bowl party---way back!  And yes, we were rooting for the BRONCOS!!!

Father Daughter Dance

Back in February, Caroline's school had a father daughter dance. 
Of course, these two rocked it in style!
They are both so cute and are best friends!
I just love these guys!