Thursday, May 29, 2008

Corn Picking Time

Papa Daryl is a farmer and he grows cotton and corn. Yesterday we went out to the field and were able to pick some sweet corn. This is such a fun event to do as a family. The boys had a blast picking the corn, running through the corn fields, and shucking the corn. After all of the hard work, we ate hamburgers and watched Cameron and Jake ride their motorcycles. We had a great evening and we can't wait until one day we will have our country house.

Cameron on the 'gator' before we go to the fields...

Trying to find the best spot to get the best sweet corn...

And into the corn fields he goes...

And he finds one of the biggest pieces of corn... YUM....

Jake and his cousin Xain picking up corn

Bye Bye Corn. Come Again Another Day.

Fun Time.

Dusty getting Jake ready for his big ride by himself... Hold On Jake! Here Goes Nothing..

Go Jake Go!!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gift from Tako and Phyl

Cameron got his graduation gift from Tako and Phyl (grandpa & grandma) the other day and what a surprise it was!!!! Cameron has been begging for a motorcycle from the time he was 3. He is now the happiest kid in the world! Thanks Tako and Phyl!!! He loves it and it is perfect!!! Oh, and Jake got one too. I mean you can't get one kid a motorcycle and not the other, right? Jake is still trying to learn how to ride his (some days are better than others for him). Hope you enjoy the pictures. (Tako is Dusty's dad. When Cameron was 15 months old he saw a picture of his grandpa and he called him Tako and it has stuck ever since. So grandma and grandpa are Tako and Phyl.)

Cameron's Kindergarten Graduation

It's official!! Cameron will be heading to FIRST GRADE next school year!!!! I can't believe my first baby is going to be in FIRST grade!! Man, how time flies!!! I wish I could put him in a glass jar and keep him small forever. He is a wonderful kid with a heart of gold. Here are some pictures from his graduation ceremony.
I think he was one of the smallest kids in Kindergarten...Cameron's Close Up

One of the songs that Cameron's class performed was the 'Lousy ABC's'. Cameron had the letter 'L' and got to speak into the microphone and say "L is for lousy!" He did a fine job. I was mad, because I could not get a picture of him saying it, because there were just too many people there. I was able to snap this side picture of him....

Cameron with his teacher, Ms. Kirchner and Jake. By the way, Ms. Kirchner was an excellent teacher! Jake was really counting on her being his teacher, but we have been rezoned! So, Jake will be on the hunt for a new teacher.

Warning to all parents who will one day watch their kid graduate from Kindergarten... just hearing the graduation ceremony music and watching your little one step into the room will bring you to tears. Bring Tissue!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was tagged by Angie to list 6 random facts/quirks about myself. So, here they are:

1. I used to be a competitive figure skater. My ice skating talent was discovered when I was in 6th grade. My cousins came down from Colorado to visit and they insisted we go ice skating. At first I was scared to death and when I got on the ice I hugged the wall. After a few steps and strokes I realized how easy it was and I was off. By the end of that day I was able to go forward, backwards, and do a few spins. The next weekend my mother signed me up for ice skating lessons. Shortly after that I was entering competitions. Skating became my life. My first period class was ice skating (of course, I was the only kid at my school who was granted this privilege) I would get up at 4 am and train till 9, then go to school. After school I would complete my homework and then head back to the ice rink. I always thought I would land a leading role with Walt Disney on Ice. However, I finally decided to stop competing because it became to competitive and I no longer enjoyed it.

2. I used to teach ice skating lessons.

3. I have a phobia of bowling. My first encounter to go bowling was when Dusty asked me out for a date. Of course I said YES! I did not want to turn down a date, but I was freaking out. How in the world was I going to tell him that I was scared of bowling and that I had never bowled in my life. However, I think him and his sister got the point when we got to the bowling alley and I refused to get up and pick up the ball. I was so embarrassed!!!! I am doing better though. In fact, I think I went bowling with Josh and Marie once.

4. I have no musical talent!!!! However, I really wish I did!!!!! I wish I could sing, play the piano and guitar like Brooke White from American Idol. I go around the house pretending I can sing :) So sorry to my hubby and kids. In fact, Cameron once told me to stop singing because I sounded bad. I think I sound great, but I am so tone deaf. In fact, I have a PlayStation sing along game that rates your singing and my rating is "TONE DEAF"!!!! No lie. I think I would be one of those sad rejects from American Idol that everyone laughed at.

5. I graduated a year early from high school. I started Nursing school, but then realized that was not my calling. I then started taking Education classes to become a teacher. However, one night I decided that I wanted to become an EMT. So, on the last day of registration I signed up for EMT classes and that is where I met my wonderful husband. Funny how things turn out, huh? *NO LONGER AN EMT* JUST WENT TO MEET DUSTY*

6. I love to sleep and I love to eat fish! My favorite dish is salmon prepared by my favorite chef, Dusty!!! I wish I could be a bear and hibernate and eat fish. In fact, when I go to sleep at night I think about what a great life a bear must have. Just Joking :)

I now tag Lindsay R., Marie H. and Liz P. I can't wait to hear 6 facts/quirks about you all. Happy Blogging!


I would give everyone a long explanation of how this ended up at my door, but that would take too long. So, here is the shortened version:

1. Noticed a purchase on my bank account for $11.58 from

2. Could not figure out why there was a purchase for $11.58. Sat on it for a couple of days and thought it could possibly be a book purchase from Cameron's school.

3. Monday received a package in the mail.

4. Opened the package and found this CD (above)

5. Took 5 seconds to realize that someone used my account information and credit card to buy this NASTY CD.

6. Contacted my bank, made a claim, and closed my account.

7. Contacted Amazon and this is what we figured out. Last year I ordered a CD while I was at work. Well, I guess I never logged out of the computer and last week someone from my work went to the website and did a 'one click purchase' and that one click purchase just happened to be my bank account!!!!!!!


9. However, I guess I am the one to blame for not logging out of my account. Well, I guess according to Amazon I never logged out. I believe I did log out and that someone hacked into my account.


**Note to self: On Sat. check all the computers in the hospital and make sure I am not logged on!!! Hello, I work at a hospital... do you know how many computers that is???**

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last couple of weeks

Our kids are always sick. Well, let me restate that. Cameron is always sick. Cameron has been sick every 3 weeks since November. We have been really concerned, because it has been the same symptoms: headache and eye pain, followed by a fever. However, when we asked the doctor if we should be worried, she said she did not see any alarming signs. She said this is completely normal for Kindergarten kids to be sick this much. WHAT A RELIEF!!! Last week, Cameron was sick again. However, this time it was a stomach bug. It hit Caroline first, then Jake, followed by Dusty, me and then Cameron. It is miserable to have everyone sick! Now, Caroline has an ear infection and Jake has a double ear infection. This is sad, but what a relief Cameron is not sick with an ear infection too! So, to sum up our week here are two pics of CC... Oh, and yes we all take vitamins and Cameron is a total health nut!! I mean what kid goes to McDonald's and orders a side salad with apple dippers and a toy on the side :) Go figure???

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Field Day Pics

Cameron had his first field day last Thursday!!! It was fun, but oh so HOT!!! Here are some pics of the big day that every Kindergarten kid waits for....

Jake playing peek-a-boo with Caroline!

Caroline soaking up some SUN

Happy Mother's Day

Happy MOTHER'S Day to All of the Mommies Out There!!! Enjoy your Day!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Not much has been happening at the Youngblood house lately... or should I say nothing worth blogging about. But, I thought I should post something, so everyone knows we are ALIVE and HEALTHY. So, to sum up these past couple of weeks, here is what we have been doing...


Dusty and I have started running again!!!! It feels so good to get outside and exercise. We have always wanted to train for a marathon, so we are hoping we can keep to our daily running schedule and eventually reach our goal. We just started last week and have been running 4 to 5 miles a day (except the weekends). I want to run a small fun run in October, so we will keep you posted to see if we make it.


We decided to clean up part of our backyard and dig up our "rock garden" and replace it with grass. What I thought would take 2 days at the most is still a work in progress. It has been 2 weeks now and we still have so many rocks left. I think our rocks mated and had baby rocks!!!!


When we are not at the track or digging up rocks, we have been relaxing outside and watching CC enjoy the baby pool. *For Angie... so glad this is a fake snake and not what you had in your backyard! :)*


And to those that have been wondering, I did cut my hair. I will take a picture next week sometime and post it. I also have some out of date glasses to go along with the new haircut! I have been battling with some eye infections and dry eyes lately. More than likely, I will end up having to wear glasses full-time. I go back to the eye doctor on Monday, so we shall see.