Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Day of School 06/2014

Another school year has ended.
Cameron survived middle school and Jake advanced to another year of grade school.
Jake was awarded the Physical Education Award, Super Cheetah, Art, and Outstanding performance in the Elk's National Hoop Shoot Contest.
Caroline survived Kindergarten and received lots of awards. She was awarded the Super Cheetah, the MVP award because of her willingness to help others, especially her friends with special needs, and also the Principal's 200 Character Traits award. This is what her teacher had to say of why she should be on the 200 list....  "Caroline always steps up to help and never expects recognition for it. She works hard on all her assignments and is a good friend to all her classmates.  Her eagerness to learn is contagious!"
I am so proud of my trio and their accomplishments.  They have grown so much this year, especially Cameron. He has really matured and become a great example to his brother and sister.

Caroline's lunch pick. Wendy's.  We let her leave after her award ceremony and she was on cloud 9.

My kids live in their work-out clothes.....they never want to wear normal clothes.


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